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Sand Dollar Silk Wrap Beach Bracelet

Sand Dollar Silk Wrap Beach Bracelet

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Beach Jewelry, Sand Dollar Bracelet: This wrap bracelet is fashioned from a hand dyed pure silk ribbon& silver sand dollar toggle, the ribbon wispy & gently crinkled, with finished edges and seamed ends, a generous 36” or so in length to be wrapped luxuriously around your wrist many times. The unique focal point is a two part bar toggle, exquisitely created from a delicate piece of sterling silver and spot polished for a brilliant luster. Dispersed along the ribbon is a pair of shiny disks of fine silver for a little added shimmer & surprise.

>>> Due to HIGH demand This Sand Dollar Wrap Bracelet will be ready to ship in 2 weeks! Just chose your ribbon color. <<<

Like the REAL sand dollar this impression is just as SUBTLE & SWEET, a true gem to find on the beach intact after tumbling in the surf. So pretty. If you are looking for a BOLD deeply embossed piece please select another design as this is gentle and quiet, exactly as sand dollars are found in nature.

Please note+++ this design, being a real sand dollar replica, is subtle and faint with the fine detail very understated. If you are looking for a bold & showy piece select a more flashy style bracelet, as this one is gentle, slight, and quiet exactly like an actual sand dollar.This is MADE to ORDER, not kept in stock.

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