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Ready to Ship Jewelry

HappyGoLicky Jewelry, the online store for ready to ship jewelry. Whether you... 

Sterling Silver Bangles Stacking Set for Layering Jewelry by HappyGoLicky

Bangles Chains n Cuffs

HappyGoLicky Jewelry, a brand that specializes in sterling silver cuff bracelets, bangles,... 

  • What is Surfite?

    "Surfite" or "Surf Stone" is a byproduct of the creation of surfboards. During the 'glassing' process a thick layer of fiberglass cloth is laid over a foam board blank. A heavy coat of epoxy resin is poured to saturate the top and what doesn't soak into the cloth spills over the edges and dries into layers on the floor. These hardened layers of resin eventually accumulate and need to be chipped up and removed to make space to work. These chunks, sadly, are most often thrown away as 'waste.'

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  • Featured Artist

    Licky creates stunning pieces of wearable art using sterling silver. Her style is eclectic, and original. She draws inspiration from nature, music, and her travels around the world. Licky's jewelry is not only beautiful, but also meaningful and personal. She loves to customize her designs to suit each customer's preferences and stories. You can find her work on her Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy shop. We hope you enjoy discovering Licky's amazing talent and passion for jewelry making.