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Silver Polishing Cloth Pads

Silver Polishing Cloth Pads

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Pre-treated two-inch square pads effectively remove tarnish and oxidation from HappyGoLicky sterling silver jewelry. Made from tight-bond cellular foam, permanently bonded with micro-abrasives, they are perfect for accessing those recessed areas in your HappyGoLicky pieces and ideal for use on contoured items. They remove tarnish easily, but unlike harsh liquid chemical polishes, will still leave the dark accenting we created for detail highlighting intact.

This is the ONLY anti-tarnish polish pad we use!

Compact and easy to pack for traveling for that quick touch up to shine any sterling silver jewelry. Can be used dozens of times until both sides are completely black.

Please note: High heat and humidity may cause the compound in the pads to become sticky. We recommend storing and using them at room temperature, and avoid getting them wet. Do not use them with additional polish.
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