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Recycled Surfboard Resin Surfite Bracelet

Recycled Surfboard Resin Surfite Bracelet

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SURFITE jewelry features the ultimate in eco friendly products. These faux gemstones are 'ethically mined' from the colorful hardened layers of excess resin that pools on the floor under a surfboard during creation. Headed for the landfill we intercept these discarded chunks, sort, chop, grind, sand, drill, and polish them into shiny beads, the ideal upcycled material for our affordable eco conscious jewelry. (For more details read below: "What is Surfite?")

Triple combo of unique sterling silver bead ball chains. Choose your own one of a kind glistening colorful surfite bead for the centerpiece of your bracelet to make it undeniably yours! It's the perfect eco chic gift.

> READY to SHIP in 1-3 business days! <

>>> SELECT from the AVAILABLE surfite beads in the menu that are shown in the photos. FYI, these will sell quickly so please CHECK back with us regularly for UPDATED options. <<<

>>> Beads are extremely limited editions, only 1-4 available in each colorway, with no two being exactly alike, and yours will be very similar to the one you select.<<<

>>> This listing is for ONE Surfite Bracelet. Other jewelry on the model is shown for stacking inspiration, not included in the price, and can be purchased separately. <<<

MEASUREMENTS: Bracelet is about 8" long depending on bead length. Oval bead ball chain ~2" long, round bead ball chain ~3" long, center chain ~1" long. BEADS CAN VARY between 1/2"-3/4" (12-20mm) long, 3/8" (8-10mm) wide. Tassel is 1" long. This bracelet has a 1 1/4" chain extender and lobster clasp to comfortably fit MOST wrists, 5.5-7.5 inches.

Scroll through all the photos to see how surfite is formed!

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What is SURFITE?
"Surfite" or "Surf Stone" is a byproduct of the creation of surfboards. During the 'glassing' process a thick layer of fiberglass cloth is laid over a foam board blank. A heavy coat of epoxy resin is poured to saturate the top and what doesn't soak into the cloth spills over the edges and dries into layers on the floor. These hardened layers of resin eventually accumulate and need to be chipped up and removed to make space to work. These chunks, sadly, are most often thrown away as 'waste.' But, wait...

We found that we could recycle these jagged colorful fragments and create meaningful expressive jewelry. So, we have chosen to support these surfboard makers and buy their refuse that was destined for the dump which also helps protect the environment. Double whammy! The chunks are sliced with lapidary tools, grinded and shaped into cabochons or beads, and polished to a high gloss. This is extremely tedious work since studio debris also falls into the mix, like tape, dirt, sawdust, and even stir sticks, so a great deal of time is spent inspecting and sorting the raw material.

The resulting "surfite" faux gemstones are super shiny little candies that can be colored vividly like tropical fruit or offer an array more gently hued like an Earthtoned landscape. Some layers will be thicker, while others that formed as giant icicles down the side of the glassing table will be stretched thinner. The striations are random, always exciting, and never the same. Each surfite gem is special and unique, making our jewelry pieces truly captivating one of a kinds!

Caring for your surfite jewelry: Just like a surfboard surfite is extremely durable but not indestructible and may show signs of wear and tear in time so consider dings you gain along the way proof of your adventurous spirit. Enjoy the journey, scratches can easily be buffed back to a high shine.

Your piece may have tiny pits from trapped air bubbles, which is indicative of genuine surfite. We do not use any sealer polish, so we guarantee your surfite to be pure resin only- the high gloss sheen comes solely from old fashioned elbow grease. Each piece is created by hand one at at time.

Enjoy wearing the best eco friendly jewelry brand available.

*** While we do our best to portray colors accurately due to lighting and different computer monitors please expect some variance. All are beautiful.

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