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Dream Inspirational Quote Ring

Dream Inspirational Quote Ring

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Inspirational Quote Ring, Hand stamped Wings Silver Jewelry: Sporadically pitted & rustically wrapped slab of torn edged silver features an ethereal pair of bas relief wings, curiously 3-dimensional, gently resting on top of the ring’s surface, not embossed, as if they were magically sintered into the silver the second they landed. A mystical occurrence, a rare aligning of the planets, and maybe in ancient times a cause for great celebration; the eternal auspicious capture of a sprightly pair of wings.

>>> Due to HIGH demand this Dream RING takes 2 WEEKS to be completed. <<<

So sexy and freely formed, emanating such an imitable roughly hewn allure, that you may have to keep yourself from staring. Breathtaking. Enduring. Make one yours.

Each silver ring is designed to evoke a palpable hand crafted charm, organically shaped and always unique with the inspirational quote “dream” hand stamped into the metal as a reminder for your soul to roam. It will vary from the one pictured, as all assert their own character, but when you see yours you’ll know it was created exclusively for you.

Back of the band is shaped to fit your finger for maximum comfort, at about 6mm or 7mm, but due to width I made my own a HALF SIZE LARGER. The front of the ring may range up to 13mm. All are different and yours will range in width.

>>> This listing is for ONE dream ring. <<<

Your HappyGoLicky ring will arrive in a kraft jewelry box with gift card. USPS tracking info will be emailed upon shipping. Please watch its progression until it reaches you safely.

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