A Rare Find- with a Pretty Twist: The Spirula Spirula Seashell

A Rare Find- with a Pretty Twist: The Spirula Spirula Seashell

Pack for Sunshine

Just after my college graduation, back in the mid 1990’s, I moved to South Bimini Island in the Bahamas for what intended to be 6 months of conducting behavioral studies on lemon sharks. I was completely sucked in by idyllic splendor and, long story short, I ended up staying 8 years. The shark work and encounters were continual exhilaration as one could imagine, but the flip side also offered complete contentment- countless hours spent alone on a deserted, quiet, tranquil beach where the only noise was the crunching of sun scorched sand under my feet and the faint swashing of gentle waves lapping the shoreline.

Finders Keepers

One sunny morning, my thoughts lost in the stillness of the flat calm ocean, I was toeing up some sand for tumbled colored beach glass when I spotted an incredibly unique treasure. Right in front of me rested a perfect miniature marvel of the sea- the rare spirula spirula seashell. Now, this wasn’t the first one I had ever found, but that one’s demise came by my own hands as I too excitedly snatched it up and crushed the fragile gem with my shaky fingers. Lesson learned.

Secrets of the Deep

This special shell, a true wonder of nature, would remind you of the more commonly known nautilus shell, with similar pearly spiraling chambers, but on a very minuscule scale, deeming it completely adorable in its tininess. It’s the internal shell of a deep-water squid. That’s right- I said INTERNAL shell. If you looked at this squid you would never guess that hiding and growing inside it was this spectacular secret delicate work of art.

The rareness comes not from a scant amount of pelagic squid in the ocean, but how this thin shell is buoyed up to the surface upon its death, and by currents, wind, and waves survives the harsh elements and travels in just the right direction to land softly on the shore. Its journey seems sincerely impossible.

Paying it Forward

This masterpiece in my hand was a symbolic tribute to all oceans' mysteries and a testament to nature’s grace. It was a reminder of fragility, struggle, resilience, serendipity, and striking balance. It ignited creativity in me, just imagining its life story. That stirring culminated in my first ever nautical sterling silver ring.

It’s a tangible connection to the spirit of the sea. Let it be a testament to the adventures that shape our own lives and allow the spirit of the sea to guide you safely on your personal journey. Pretty floral-patterned band, available in half and whole sizes 4-15. Click here to claim yours today and apply coupon code MUCHLOVE to save 10% today.

Spirula spirula ring sterling silver nautical jewelry by happygolicky

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