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boho bracelet stack by HappyGoLicky sterling silver jewelry
boho jewelry boho bracelets happygolicky sterling silver jewelry

Boho Stacking Bracelets in Sterling Silver

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Boho Stacking Bracelets: STERLING SILVER chain bracelets and boho design cuffs, perfect for layering! Get the whole set for an instant bohemian allure collection, or select any design to add to your own favorites. An eclectic mix of rich textures and varied patterns emanates a super sexy carefree boho style.

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PLEASE read description below for DETAILS OF EACH DESIGN.


MEASUREMENTS & DETAILS: Fits wrists 5 3/4" - 7 1/4"

Figure 8: chunkiest chain of the bunch, cool heavy duty 1/2" lobster clasp, 6" of 13 links about 1/4" wide, with 1 1/4" extender chain

Heart Charm: 6" of sturdy 3/16" wide chain, hand carved sterling heart and Swarovski crystal dangle from a faux toggle clasp on top, with 1 1/4" extender chain and lobster clasp

Half n Half: 3" of 3/16"wide chain paired with 3" of 5mm bead balls, 1 1/4" extender chain and lobster clasp

Rope Circle: 2 1/2" of 4mm bead ball chain and 3" of 3/16" mixed elongated links with a near half inch rope circle in the middle, with 1 1/4" extender chain and lobster clasp

Spiral Cubes: so unique, 6" of 11 funky spiral beads about 3/16" wide, with 1/2" artisan lobster clasp and 1 1/4" extender chain

Skinny Beads: 6" of 2mm x 3mm beads ball chain, with 1 1/4" extender chain and lobster clasp

These bracelets below are CUFF STYLE bracelets so they are OPEN ENDED, not a round closed circle bangle. Each measures about 6" long with about a one inch gap that can be pinched tighter or pulled apart to FIT MOST WRIST SIZES perfectly.

Striped: 5mm
Clare: 4.5mm
Floral: 5mm
Bella: 5mm
Mandy: 6.5mm
Robin: 4mm
Farrah: 4mm

Lucky 7 Set includes: 1 Figure 8, 1 Heart Charm, 2 Half n Halfs, 1 Rope Circle, 1 Spiral Cubes, 1 Skinny Beads

ENTIRE Set of 14 includes: 1 Figure 8, 1 Heart Charm, 2 Half n Half, 1 Rope Circle, 1 Spiral Cubes, 1 Skinny Beads, 1 Striped, 1 Care, 1 Floral, 1 Bella, 1 Mandy, 1 Robin, 1 Farrah

Fits wrists 5 3/4" - 7 1/4" so if your wrist is smaller or larger than this these bracelets will not fit.

PHOTOS are for stacking & layering inspiration only and may include jewelry, like rings, or other bracelets, that are NOT INCLUDED but are available in our shop. See links below.

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