Nautical Recycled Bracelet from Surfboards

Nautical Recycled Bracelet from Surfboards

SURFITE nautical jewelry features the ultimate in eco friendly products. These faux gemstones are 'ethically mined' from the colorful hardened layers of excess resin that pools on the floor under a surfboard during creation. Headed for the landfill we intercept these discarded chunks, sort, chop, grind, sand, drill, and polish them into shiny beads, the ideal recycled material for our affordable eco conscious jewelry. (For more details read below: "What is Surfite?")

Triple combo of unique sterling silver bead ball chains. Choose your own one of a kind glistening colorful surfite bead for the centerpiece of your nautical bracelet to make it undeniably yours! It's the perfect beach jewelry gift for the ocean lover.

Make a splash. Wear HappyGoLicky Surfite. It's adventure, solidified!

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