Rustic Artisan Style Ring

Rustic Artisan Style Ring



Rustic Sterling Silver Ring, Rustic Artisan Jewelry: Sporadically pitted & rustically wrapped slab of torn edged sterling silver features an ethereal pair of bas relief angel wings, curiously 3-dimensional, gently resting on top of the ring’s surface, not embossed, as if they were magically sintered into the silver the second they landed. A mystical occurrence, a rare aligning of the planets, and maybe in ancient times a cause for great celebration; the eternal auspicious capture of a sprightly pair of wings. A unique jewelry gift for her. Can be personalized for a custom piece with initials or name on the back of the silver band.

So carefree and hand formed, evoking such a undeniable roughly hewn allure, that you'll miss it when it's off your finger. Captivating. Brilliant. Make one yours.

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