Half a Pineapple Ring

Half a Pineapple Ring

Unique Quirky Half a Pineapple Ring: All you need is a little coconut and rum to mix with our quirky half a pineapple ring to make a little fun. A sweet ripe pineapple, symbolic of friendship, hospitality, & warmth, is situated on its side seared into a wide band of sparkling sterling sliver with organically folded edges and sporadic pitting for a cool well worn look.

+++NOTE +++ This thick WIDE band is about 7/8"-1" so you might want to take that width into consideration when ordering your size as you will want to GO UP IN SIZE for comfort. (My personal pineapple ring is 2 SIZES LARGER than my normal ring size I wear as a thinner band.) Please confirm in the 'note to seller' box at checkout that you have considered this.
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