Celestial Earrings

Celestial Earrings

Boho Earrings, Celestial Jewelry: Thin slices of sterling silver are cut into crescent moon phase shapes, then lightly embossed with a floral Moroccan tile design embellishment. For an added modern tribal feel they are lightly pitted, oxidized and spot polished individually to guarantee the intricate detail is highlighted perfectly. Super lightweight for comfort, they will sparkle in the sun beautifully when they catch the breeze. Every boho earrings pair is a little different since each one is hand crafted.

Imagine how elegant these celestial crescent moon earrings will look with a simple black dress, or the sexy bohemian allure they would give a casual ensemble of your favorite jeans and t-shirt. It's your choice but you are sure to gain compliments in this striking pair of original earrings.

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